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Welcome to AllMyCms
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With more than 40 million sites created with Joomla, Joomla has been classified for years as the second most used CMS in the world.
Rewarded numerous times for its quality, it is also renowned for its community.

A CMS for multiple user profiles

From novice to expert, there are so many types of users that it would be difficult to make a typical profile of them. Some are experts or developers and work mostly in agencies, others are amateurs, informed or not, who do what they can to keep their website alive and don't get hacked .

It is to them that we address ourselves, as a priority because even if we offer white label maintenance solutions for agencies and freelancers, we want to help those left behind, those who no longer do their updates because that they

  • are afraid of breaking everything,
  • have been abandoned by their supplier and cannot afford to redo a new website,
  • have had their site hacked and don't know how to recover it,
  • want to have a lasting, inexpensive and reliable solution
Take advantage of Joomla Services maintenance offers
Are you afraid of doing the updates yourself?
Would you like us to do it for you?
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